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Over the years I’ve written pieces that have appeared in various publications and blogs. Here are a few to amuse you.

On Music Education

This piece appeared in the music trade paper Billboard back in September of 1991 under the headline Labels Should Raise Their Sights; MUSIC EDUCATION NEEDS NEW ATTITUDE. That was their title, not mine. I wrote it as a response to a piece by the guy who was the president of NARAS (the Grammy people) back then.

The Technophobic Composer

This piece was written in 1992 for a magazine for composers that folded before the article was published. While music technology – and technology in general – have changed significantly in the decades since then, many of the ideas set forth then are still applicable now.

In Search of the Lost Chord

This piece first appeared in Central Standard Time. It was a coincidence that the publication date was the anniversary of my birth. I’ve retired from the ordinary work world since then. I’m still making music.

Bits and Pieces

First showing up in Central Standard Time, this was published in January of 2020. That was almost exactly one year before the insurrection in Washington, DC and the unsubstantiated claims that the presidential election had been stolen through (among other tactics) manipulation of electronic voting machines. Little did I know what was to come when I wrote, “In some cases (such as electronic voting machines that have no physical audit trail that can be consulted to verify accuracy) the potential consequences are dire.”  

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