John Zielinski | composer - saxophone - flute -synth - voice
John Zielinski | composer - saxophone - flute - synth - voice

These are perusal copies of some of my scores presented as PDF files. You'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader (or a similar tool) to view them.

Instrumentation: solo piano

A work commemorating the birth of Jessica Ciastko, the first daughter of my wife's brother.

Instrumentation: trumpet; piano

Although this piece is scored for solo trumpet and piano, it's definitely not a trumpet solo with accompaniment. Both instruments are equal partners. Bonus points to those of you who come up with the correct derivation of the title.

Instrumentation: 4 trumpets; 4 trombones; 5 saxophones; piano; electric guitar; bass guitar; drums

A couple of friends of mine used to like to riff on the theme from a certain '60s TV show. I turned the riff around and wrote this chart to go on top of it.

Instrumentation: solo piano

This piece was written as a birthday gift for my niece and god-daughter, Jenna Zielinski Kessler.