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John Zielinski

composer - saxophone - flute - synth - voice

Kozmik Boojie?

koz-mik (adj.): inconceivably extended in space or time [Greek kosmikos, from kosmos, universe] 

boo-jie (noun): a strongly rhythmic dance [from boogie-woogie]

So, then, the Kozmik Boojie is a strongly rhythmic dance inconceivably extended in space or time. In other words, it's the dance that stretches from the very beginning of the universe throughout all eternity. It's a dance that binds us all together and a dance that requires an awful lot of music.

I've covered much musical ground in my career. On reflection, I think that it's all just been part of the soundtrack for the Kozmik Boojie. How lucky can one person get?

Come on in. Look around. Have a listen. Turn some dots and lines into moving air using your own instrument. Read some of the words that I’ve written. Have fun doing the Kozmik Boojie!