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John Zielinski

composer - saxophone - flute - synth - voice


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Here are a couple of things that are only available here.


1'18", John Zielinski and Jonathan Toerber

During one of the tracking sessions for what became 1994's Still Lazy After All These Years (an installment of The IGKNOWS The Broadcast That Never Was Club) Jonny Splatter played a drum riff for me and asked what I could do with it. The first thing that hit me was the title. After that came the theme, orchestration and performance. This is the result as it became the pad for Jonny's closing of that recording.


3’47”, Michael Modjeski

This tune was written by my friend Michael Modjeski. The recording (done as a demo at Studio West in Chicago) features the core of what used to be the band Attitudes: Bob Bolanowski (bass); John Horvath (drums); Michael Modjeski (guitar); and Ron Ziolkowski (piano). I contributed the soprano and tenor saxophone parts.